Meteorologist Frank Watson

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Meteorologist Frank Watson
2296 Floral Drive
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

My interest and work in weather began at an early age. At the age of 6, I assisted my father, Meteorologist Bruce Watson, on location in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I recorded cloud development, taking a snapshot of the clouds every 15 seconds using an 8mm video camera.

Other projects as a young youth include the proposed International airport in Ham Lake, MN in the 1970's and the Copper-Nickel project in Ely, MN. As a teenager I accompanied my father across the state of Minnesota for his research to write and publish the 1975 Minnesota Weather Almanac, which is now known as the Minnesota Weatherguide.

At age 16 I worked on a study for the University of Colorado on the effects of the Heat Island in big cities. My duties included the servicing and maintenance of a dozen thermographs located throughout the Twin City metro area.

After high school graduation, I continued my education at the University of Minnesota before transferring to the University of Wisconsin (Madison), where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology.

In between my junior and senior year of college I worked at KARE-11 TV, in Minneapolis assisting with the production of the weather show, forecasting, graphic creation, and the dissemination of severe weather to the public. After graduation I was hired full time by KARE-11. Duties included the previous duties stated as well as maintenance of equipment and appearing on air during severe weather cut-in's and during the news show.

While employed at KARE-11, I also assisted my father with his work as a Consulting Meteorologist. Duties included the gathering of weather data for the purpose of storm reconstruction and archiving weather data for future use.

After an 11-year employment at KARE-11, I was hired by a weather graphics company called EarthWatch, owned by Meteorologist Paul Douglas. EarthWatch pioneered the development of 3D graphical weather display and production. My duties included the training and installation of the EarthWatch software on powerful Unix workstations. I was often sent on the most important installation and training jobs. My travels included every major city in the US as well as many smaller cities in the US. International travel includes Australia, South America, Europe and Canada.

Besides my duties as customer support, I was responsible for sales in the northern half of the United States. As a sales account manager my duties included the management of over several hundred TV stations. My presentation skills and my ability to communicate and present the weather in an easy to understand manner was often the key to close the deal.

In addition, I also assisted the southern sales account manager on many sales presentations because of my ability to communicate the Meteorological aspects of the software to other Meteorologists.

Other duties at EarthWatch included point-to-point contact with current and potential customers at trade shows and conventions. My ideas were also used to market the EarthWatch software, which I assisted in producing and developing.

The EarthWatch Company was eventually sold and the employees let go. I decided it was a good time to concentrate on the consulting side of Meteorology, which I had always kept up.

I'm occasional can be heard on local radio stations such as WCCO and KQRS for my forecasts as well as historical weather information and long-range forecast projections.

As a self-employed Meteorologist, I regularly write articles for agriculture magazines, and I occasionally write weather features for local publications.

I also work on weather-related law cases. Storm analysis, pavement reconstruction, climate variations, atmospheric conditions, rain, flooding, wind, lightning, sun angle and temperature are just some of the the weather variables I have researched.

My work includes expert testimony and I have testified weather related cases.

I have always maintained a weather shelter where I've collected my own weather observations. I have converted many of my father's data from paper to a digital format to the point where my father and I published our own weather calendar using our own station data exclusively.

To sharpen my communication skills for the talks and presentations I give, I'm a member of the Four Seasons Toastmasters Club. I have earned my Competent Toastmaster certificate.

I'm also a member of the national and local American Meteorological Society (AMS). I have served in the past as local president of the AMS.