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January to March 2007 Forecast.

Posted December 27, 2006

By Meteorologist Frank Watson


The winter of 2006-2007 is well underway and yet here we are with only 1.3" of recorded snowfall at the International Airport.  I myself have totaled only 2.3 inches here in White Bear Lake and we're a few days away from the New Year.


December temperatures are expected to finish 9 degrees above average and we've only had one day of below zero temperatures. 


I'm not sure if I'm disappointed in not having snow but I know I'm not broken up about not having more sub-zero days.


My daughter's outdoor activities have changed.  She has gone from sledding to Ice skating on an area pond.  In fact despite the rain and snow from the winter storm on the Thursday, Dec. 21 Lake Ice conditions have been perfect.  We've been able to skate around the whole pond on nearly perfect ice.  I urge you to use caution on larger lakes or at least be familiar about local ice conditions.


The Ice boats and Ice para-sailers have been out enjoying themselves.  I haven't seen any cars or pickup on area lakes.  Last year at this time we've had a few go through local lakes.  The most noted incident was when several pickups plunged through Prior Lake on Dec. 26, 2005.  Pickups were still falling through the ice at late as Jan. 28, 2006 last season on Lake Minnetonka.


A big chuck of winter has now past us and really only about 6 more weeks of potentially cold weather are ahead. By mid February the sun is getting pretty high in the sky and barring a major shift in the weather pattern the potential for a long stretch of cold weather is fading fast.


Here is what I think is ahead for the rest of the winter months for the TwinPlex area of Minneapolis and St. Paul which can also be found in my Watsons' Weather Calendar 2007.


January 2007: Above normal temperatures and below normal snowfall.  One good snowfall towards the end of the month or at the start of February.


January averages.  Temperature      High   21.5

                                                            Low      4.5

                                                            Snow  13.2


February 2007: Near Normal Temperatures and above normal snowfall. Look for cold temperatures the second week, 6-12 and again from the 15-19.  One more shot of cold from the 22-25.


February averages. Temperature     High 28.6

                                                            Low  11.6

                                                            Snow  7.4


March 2007:  Near Normal Temperatures and above normal snow. Look for a cold start to March with a good snowstorm the second week of the month.


March averages. Temperature         High 40.8

                                                            Low  22.5

                                                            Snow 11.8




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