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Posted May 7, 2007...   My summer outlook for the Greater St. Paul / Minneapolis Region.

Following a slightly warmer than normal April, only 0.6 degrees above normal, and drier, 1.68 inches here in White Bear Lake, May has started off on a warm note.  Not really hot as we've been pretty cloudy but the clouds have produced very little in the way of rain, as of yet.

Precipitation generally picks up in May, averaging just above 3.5 inches. Over half that total falls the second half of the month.

From my Watsons' Weather Watch Calendar my forecast for:

May 2007 calls for cooler than average with above normal precipitation.  My generally feeling, despite our slow start the first half of the month will receive above normal rainfall with the second have being closer to normal.  Look for storms the last week of the month.

June 2007:  Slightly warmer with below normal rainfall.  The best opportunity for soaking rains will come sometime between the 5th and the 12th.   Look for some hot temperatures as we enter the third week of June with some strong storms the last week of the month.

July 2007: Above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall.  Better said, Hot and Dry. Don't expect good soaking rains this month but be ready for brief storms that are more scattered and isolated rather than widespread.  If you receive near normal rainfall this month consider yourself one of the luck ones.  Hot weather is favored from the 12th to the 20th.

August 2007: Slightly warmer and below normal rainfall. We'll see a continuation of the hot and dry July I think.  The heat will begin to break the last week of the month.  Once again I feel rainfall will scattered and isolated rather than wide spread and soaking.  Look of a strong storm the first week of August.

Over all the Summer of 2007 will be HOT and DRY.

I still have a handfull of 2007 calendars available for order. Here is a link,  http://weathermanwatson.com/calendar.htm

It well worth it!
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