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The World Climate chart gives the traveler an idea of what kind of weather to expect at popular travel destinations around the world. It uses weather in the Twin Cities as a frame of reference, describing foreign weather in terms of similar months in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. For example, January in Oslo is like a cold, wet march in the Twin Cities: May in Jerusalem is like a very dry July in the Twin Cities. Moscow is very similar in both temperature and precipitation to the Twin Cities from January through April, while their average July is like some of the cooler months of July in the Twin Cities.

The chart was designed to eliminate the need for numbers in describing foreign climates. For those who want to relate to hard numbers, the table gives average monthly values of temperature and precipitation for the Twin Cities. Since the rest of the world uses the metric system, values are also given in degrees Celsius for temperature and millimeters for precipitation to make it easier to relate back to our familiar, but very unique, units of measurement.

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